John Hill is a Civil Celebrant with over 40 years experience

Find out how John can contribute to your life's important events

About John Hill

“His smile hits you first, like fire on a chill day. If he's the celebrant you tell yourself then it might be alright after all. Then the hand grips, and …”

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At a wedding, essence takes precedence over form and the desire of a couple to take their love into a lifelong commitment is at the heart of the ceremony. Love and friendship work together. John is not your “run-of-the-mill” celebrant for he will do justice to a couple’s expression of their love.

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Other Life's Events

Rituals are an essential and basic means for human beings to give themselves and others the necessary messages which enable the individual to stay human. They communicate acceptance, love…

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John Hill's Thoughts

John Hill blogs his thoughts and events in his life.

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