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John's Eulogy

Eulogy for John my 94 year old friend. 16th May 2014 “Thank you”. Two words that at times can so easily be taken for granted.  Yet these two words are sacred and indeed precious if spoken with conviction and sincerity. They tell us something of the character and the values of the one who says…

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Kovu’s Walk

Every morning I follow a ritual. It is carried out without fail. I walk my aging dog round the streets of Kensington. Some walks are longer than others. I don’t take the same route every time. Still my little canine senses every shrub or tree he has visited in the past. He even knows which…

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A Terrible Beauty is Born

On occasions I stroll through the iconic Waverly cemetery. Since I live in the nearby neighbourhood it is both a convenient and a wonderful place to reflect. It is also where my paternal grandparents are buried as well as numerous uncles and aunts.  A dear friend who died 20 years ago is there as well…

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