A few thoughts from John Hill


From my perspective I can only but congratulate Eric Hodgens and Leo Donnelly for the gentle but forthright manner in which they related the hopes that were there in Vatican II and the disappointments that followed. I was part of the priestly batch from the late 50s to the early 70s Eric was talking about….

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Kensington Parish

Reflections on Christmas and the Christ-child. What can we make of our church, of our parish? What can our church become? We are the church in action and we alone can show this to the world by the way we live our lives in this advent season and throughout our lives. Can you imagine standing…

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My First Gay Wedding Ceremony

I want to welcome you all. Today is so very special. In fact it is well over four decades in the making. But for Gerard and Rauli the moment has come when they can reveal in the most public of ways the love that has been present in their hearts all that time. We are…

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