A few thoughts from John Hill

Children's Self Esteem

Some days back a year 11 boy came to see me. He had attended a lecture given at his school on spirituality. It was a spirituality night. I asked how it went and all he could say was that “It was a load of rubbish”. Young people know how to give short and very pithy…

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Life's Contradictions

The other afternoon I was standing out the front of the school after classes. There is so much one can see and appreciate at a time like this. I saw vividly the students running or hastening to get off the grounds. They were not particularly sad looking- in fact it was the opposite for them….

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All will be well!

I had a bad day today. One of those days that come on top of us after a weekend away from the worksite. One of our students had been robbed at knifepoint by three Caucasian youths around midday yesterday at an upper north shore station. Another family lost a relative with an overdose. A 16…

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